LAC’s first Accessibility Plan

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) published its first Accessibility Plan last December, in compliance with the Accessible Canada Act.

Identifying, removing and preventing barriers is a key component of LAC’s mandate: to be a source of enduring knowledge accessible to all, contributing to the cultural, social and economic advancement of Canada as a free and democratic society.

The Accessibility Plan sets out how LAC will proactively identify, remove and prevent barriers to the full participation and inclusion of people with disabilities, both as employees and as Canadians using our facilities, programs, services and collections.

In developing its plan, LAC consulted with users and staff, with particular attention to people with disabilities.

LAC continues to seek feedback on its plan and on barriers to accessibility through an open feedback mechanism. Our focus will be on removing or mitigating barriers that involve physical, systemic, attitudinal or technological challenges hindering full and equal access to LAC’s collections and services.

LAC will publish annual updates indicating progress on accessibility and recommendations for improvement.

After reading the plan, you can send any thoughts or feedback you may have to Be a part of our institution’s efforts to promote accessibility and inclusion. Together, we can continue to make LAC accessible to all!