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Galbrand, Catherine C.,1977-
Naturalized treatment wetlands for contaminant removal :a case study of the Burnside engineered wetland for treatment of landfill leachate.
M.E.S. -- Dalhousie University, 2004
Ottawa :National Library of Canada = Bibliothèque nationale du Canada,[2004]
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Includes bibliographical references.
A naturalized engineered treatment wetland was constructed in Burnside Park, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in order to remediate the negative effects of landfill leachate influent. It was hypothesized that the native vegetation and the vegetation establishment strategy selected for the site would yield a successfully established wetland bearing biological integrity, and that a naturalized system would effectively remediate the contaminated influent, which was high in iron, manganese, ammonia and suspended solids. Using a natural wetland as a vegetative model for the treatment wetland site, chosen native plants were screened for their phytoremediative potential, sedimentation and erosion control abilities, habitat facilitation potential, public deterrence abilities, growth requirements and tolerances. The selected plants were then transplanted into the treatment site. The biological integrity of the treatment wetland was compared to that of a pristine reference wetland using vegetation and macroinvertebrate indices in the second growing season of the site. Plant tissue analysis was performed on the plants in order to assess their phytoremediation ability to iron and manganese. Water quality analysis was performed in order to assess the water purification ability of the site. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)