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Porter, David K.(David Keith),1964-
Shaping the missionary identity of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada :spirit baptism and eschatology in the writings of George A. Chambers and Robert E. McAlister.
Th. M. -- Wycliffe College, 1999
Ottawa :National Library of Canada = Bibliothèque nationale du Canada,[2000]
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The Pentecostal movement is so vast and diverse that any attempt to address the whole movement is too ambitious and certainly fails in its effort. This thesis focuses on one institutional expression of Canadian Pentecostalism; namely, The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (hereafter the PAOC). The focus is further narrowed to two of the PAOC's earliest and most influential leaders, as representatives of the theology of this large body in its formative years. Robert E. McAlister was one of the seven original signatories of the charter of the PAOC in 1919, as well as the originator and first editor of the PAOC publication, The (Canadian) Pentecostal Testimony. He served as editor of the paper for fifteen years and as Missionary-Secretary and General-Secretary of the General Executive for thirteen years, all the while pastoring, and thus facilitated the shaping of the thinking of an entire generation of Canadian Pentecostals. George A. Chambers, another of the original seven, was the first General Superintendent of the PAOC, a position which, along with pastoring, he held for fifteen years, 1919-1934. His leadership set the direction for the overall growth and development of the PAOC. In these positions, their preaching, teaching and writing would influence the PAOC as a whole. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)