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Dadson, Michael R.(Michael Robert)
Stories of fatherchild closeness.
M.A. -- Trinity Western University, 2006
Ottawa : Library and Archives Canada = Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, [2007]
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Includes bibliographical references.
How do clients react to "Stories of Father/Child Closeness?" Adult children describe their experience of being close with their dad with statements like "Words can't describe how much being close to my dad means to me," and, "There is nothing more important to me than being close to my dad." When people in therapy first hear these stories, they respond with denial and grief but also with renewed hope. Many people continue to meet the importance of paternal relations and the father/child closeness dimension with mixed reactions. But research over the last 20 years indicates fathers 'do' have a significant influence on offspring's psychosocial and emotional development, (Connell & Belshy, 1998; Lisak, 1994; Richards & Duchkett, 1996). Hawkins and Dollahite (1997) have developed a generative fatherhood model that proposes fathers make a devoted effort to facilitate close attachments between themselves and their children through "relationship work" (Hawkins & Dollahite 1997). Yet, there is a research gap between the conceptual framework of relationship work and the qualitative experience of the paternal bond. This exploratory phenomenological study speaks to this gap by investigating the lived experience of young adult's stories of father/child closeness. By uncovering the "stories" of young adult father/child closeness, we describe the value and meaning of this significant life process.