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MacGregor, Allison S.
A dialogical approach to Pentecostal pneumatology.
Master of Arts -- Acadia University, 2011
[Wolfville, Nova Scotia] :Acadia University2011
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The modern understanding of Classical Pentecostal pneumatology remains largely similar to its historical roots in the early 20th century. Pentecostals hold to a pneumatological doctrine known as "subsequence": that there is an experience for believers distinct from and subsequent to conversion. This experience is known to many as the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, Pentecostal believers claim that this experience must be accompanied by speaking in a spiritual language (glossolalia). This thesis explores the historical development of this doctrine as it was understood by the believers at Pentecost and traces it through various groups and persons to the present time. The pertinent question of whether or not the mysterious gift of tongues is intended for all Christian people or just given to a few is also explored as this issue is of paramount importance to Pentecostal theology. Lastly, a textual dialogue between major theologians focusing on pneumatology as it relates to Pentecostal emphasis is presented. It is hoped that this thesis might be an asset to theological dialogue between Pentecostals and other Christian groups.
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