Presenting ISSNs and publication information

Display the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) in a prominent position in every issue of a serial or other continuing resource. Present information clearly and consistently to help readers and buyers find, identify and get your publications.

Displaying ISSNs


Display ISSNs on publications as follows:

  • For printed serials and other continuing resources, use one of these methods:
    • on the front cover (preferably in the top right-hand corner)
    • on the title page, caption, masthead, back cover, colophon, or editorial pages
  • For serials and other continuing resources in electronic media:
    • on the home page, title screen or main menu if the publication is online; the ISSN should also be displayed on each article
    • on any part that may be read easily (such as microfiche header, CD-ROM or DVD label, box, case), if the publication is on a physical medium


Basic ISSNs

Start with "ISSN" and a space, then 4 numbers, a hyphen, and 4 more digits. The ISSN may end in an "X."

  • ISSN 0027-9633
  • ISSN 1927-226X

ISSNs for several media versions

Display ISSNs for different media versions together on each version.

  • ISSN 0318-6954 (Print)
  • ISSN 1923-6409 (Online)

ISSNs with ISBNs

Sometimes books are published in a monographic series, with individual books having an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). In these cases, display the two numbers together, each with its own prefix of letters.

  • ISBN 978-1-100-94660-3
  • ISSN 1708-0177

Presenting publication information

Display the following information clearly and consistently on each issue or part to help others find, identify and use your publications.

  • title of serial or other continuing resource
  • name of publisher
  • place of publication
  • numbering / date
  • frequency
  • ISSN
Example: Library and Archives Canada’s Signatures magazine


  • title of serial publication: Signatures
  • chronological (date) designation of issue: Fall / Winter 2016
  • name of publisher: Library and Archives Canada
  • Signatures, Fall/Winter 2016 [PDF 9 MB]


  • name of publisher and place of publication:
    Library and Archives Canada
    550 boulevard de la Cité
    Gatineau, Quebec J8T 0A7
  • ISSN of print and online versions:
    ISSN 2369-4521 (Print)
    ISSN 2369-453X (Online)
  • frequency: Signatures is published twice a year
  • Signatures, Fall/Winter 2016 [PDF 9 MB]