Preparing the 1931 Census

The 1931 Census is searchable and available for free on Census Search.

An image depicting a range of numbers demonstrating the progress stages. The numbers range from one to ten. The number 10 is highlighted.

What's done

  •   Transfer
    Receive 1931 Census from Statistics Canada in the form of 187 microfilm reels.
  •   Add to collection
    Assign reel numbers and location, create archival description, and add the record to Collection Search.
  •   Digitization
    Digitize microfilm reels, and verify each census page image by image—234,678 images in total.
  •   Partnership
    Establish a new partnership with Ancestry® and FamilySearch International to guarantee the timely and accurate transcription of names and other information recorded in the census.
  •   Sort images by place
    Match the digitized images to the census’s geographic districts and sub-districts. Create the metadata structure needed to enable online access.
  •   Build image database
    Create database and a user-friendly interface for browsing images by census district and sub-district. Conduct testing and quality assurance.
  •   Go public
    On June 1, 2023, the Census turns 92! Users can now browse the digitized census returns by district and sub-district on the LAC website.
  •   Transcribe
    Create a searchable index and verify transcriptions. Our partners, Ancestry and FamilySearch, use AI technology to produce a fully verified transcription of all fields on the census form.
  •   Consolidate data and test
    The complete transcription is ingested and tested internally before launching to the public.
  •   Release in Census Search
    The 1931 Census is searchable and available for free on Census Search.

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