Extraordinary contributions to discover during Black History Month

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Ottawa, Ontario · 02/17/2023 · Library and Archives Canada

Portrait of Citizenship Judge Stanley Grizzle by William J. Stapleton (C151473k)

February marks Black History Month, a special opportunity to honor Black communities and reflect on the important roles they played in the creation and development of our country throughout its history.

In the spirit of this year's theme, "Ours to tell,” Library and Archives Canada (LAC) invites you to discover preserved documents and archives that testify to the efforts, sacrifices and triumphs of Black Canadians.

Also, use the resources available at LAC to research your history and tell your story. Check out our online tool to start your Black Canadian family history and genealogy research, or ask us your questions to get support from our reference or genealogy experts.

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Visit the February is Black History Month webpage to discover more resources and information about Canada's Black communities and how they have shaped our country's history.