Update on web content and databases

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Ottawa, Ontario · 04/27/2022 · Library and Archives Canada

We have been working hard for many months on the renewal of our website, making changes and improving it to provide users with a simple, seamless and personalized web experience. Here is what we have achieved so far.

What’s new

We recently introduced our My Account platform, which allows you to personalize multiple features, such as creating and saving research lists as well as your Co-Lab contributions on a single interface.

We also launched a new and improved Legal Deposit system, which makes depositing digital publications easier for Canadian publishers and self-publishers.

What we’re working on

As we carry on reviewing our web content and making it easier to find, we continue to regroup the content of some of our legacy and stand-alone databases, which are all over our website, in a single location: our Collection Search tool. This centralized research tool enhances your experience because you can search datasets on their own, or across several databases, using the Advanced search function. You can therefore search with more confidence, in a modernized application.

While several datasets have already been moved to Collection Search, the complete integration of all stand-alone databases will take several months. The final integration of the following stand-alone databases, which include new research help pages, will be done in bundles as a priority over the coming weeks:

  • Canadian Post Office Publications
  • Immigrants from China
  • Diaries of William Lyon Mackenzie King
  • North-West Mounted Police – Personnel Records
  • Service Files of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1910–1941 – Ledger Sheets
  • Immigrants from the Russian Empire
  • Post Offices and Postmasters
  • Indian Affairs Annual Reports
  • Citizenship Registration Records, 1851–1945 – Montreal Circuit Court
  • Immigrants before 1865
  • Indian Reserves – Western Canada
  • Treaties, Surrenders and Agreements
  • Orders-in-Council
  • Cabinet Conclusions

Please note that the legacy databases and related web pages will be closed once they have been integrated. To avoid broken links, we encourage you to save our Collection Search page as your new bookmark.

Contact us if you need assistance or have feedback as we work on improving your research experience.

What’s coming up

We are looking forward to announcing our next improvement: the launch of a new, streamlined and easy-to-use Access to Information and Privacy request system.

We are committed to providing continued and better access to Canada's documentary heritage, and we will keep you informed every step of the way.