New plan to improve ATIP at LAC

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Ottawa, Ontario · 08/08/2022 · Library and Archives Canada


Libra​ry and Archives Canada (LAC) presents new ATIP action plan

For a number of years, LAC has faced significant challenges in providing timely access to over 200 km of historical records from over 300 active and defunct federal departments and agencies, dating back to the 19th century.

In April 2022, the Information Commissioner of Canada made ten recommendations to address Access to Information at LAC. She recognized that the unique role LAC plays on behalf of the Government of Canada is subject to both internal and external factors. To that end, the Information Commissioner also drew Parliament’s attention to two broader challenges facing Canada’s access to information system: interdepartmental consultations and the lack of a government-wide framework for declassifying records.

With its new ATIP action plan, LAC will address its internal systemic issues and help contribute to solutions for the broader, government-wide challenges. This action plan provides the foundation for initiating important changes to LAC-ATIP, but tangible results will still take time. LAC will keep the public informed along the way by providing two progress reports each year.