LAC Vision 2030

  • Announcement

Ottawa, Ontario · 06/29/2022 · Library and Archives Canada

Discover. Understand. Connect.

Following two years of consultations, reflection and work, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has unveiled its strategic plan, Vision 2030, defining the institution’s goals until 2030 and the measures through which it is planning to accomplish them. It is no surprise that users and access to collections are at the heart of LAC’s priorities.

Vision 2030 does not change LAC’s mandate; rather, it provides the institution with a framework that will enable it to better acquire, process, preserve and provide access to Canada’s documentary heritage.

This vision will revolve around the statement Discover. Understand. Connect. While collections remain at the centre of LAC’s identity, the ability of Canadians to discover, understand and connect with the collections will frame LAC’s vision of service.

Vision 2030 is shaped by ideas and suggestions of over 1,500 Canadians who value LAC’s mission, including our staff, users and partners.

Read LAC’s Vision 2030 strategic plan