ATIP at Library and Archives Canada: Simpler webpages and personalized accounts

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) continues to improve its Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) services. LAC now offers a new, easy and convenient way to submit an ATIP request online.

First, an intelligent assistant will ask a few questions to determine which type of request is best suited to each user. This innovative tool, specific to LAC, takes users step by step, guides them to the best option for each of their requests, and provides a simple description of what needs to be included in an ATIP request to speed up processing.

This new feature also extends to the ATIP online request form. LAC is now using the Government of Canada–wide tool, which will simplify and standardize the task for anyone who is looking for documents.

In addition, each user will be able to create their own ATIP account online, which will allow them to:

  • access their dashboard
  • create and submit ATIP requests online
  • verify the status of their requests
  • retrieve electronic responses to their requests

A new page on our website provides a complete list of ways to make an ATIP request.

The renewal of webpages is part of our ATIP Action Plan released in 2022. The plan addresses the recommendations of the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada, which identified challenges in this area. Since the release of its action plan, in addition to renewing its webpages, LAC has also created a branch dedicated entirely to ATIP and has hired new staff to reduce the backlog of requests.