Working at LAC

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is one of the largest memory institutions in the world. For 150 years, dedicated employees have daily played an important role as custodians of Canada’s documentary heritage, to protect and share it with current and future generations.

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Why work with us

At LAC, we are committed to acquiring, preserving and making accessible Canada’s documentary heritage. We are therefore always looking for people who are passionate about our country’s history and motivated by the desire to keep it alive.

Library and Archives Canada in 90 seconds


(Upbeat music. Image of the Library and Archives Canada buildings in Ottawa and Gatineau)

Library and Archives Canada: your documentary heritage lives here.

(The following texts of items that can be found at Library and Archives Canada appear:)

22 million books.

250 km of archival records.

(Various photos of boxes and files of the Canadian Expeditionary Force)

425,000 works of art.

(Image of woman restoring a gigantic Coat of Arms)

30 million photographs.

(A bearded employee looks at a picture slide)

3 million maps, plans and architectural drawing.

(A female employee is shown cleaning a large map)

5 million Facebook views per month.

(A screenshot of the Library and Archives Canada Facebook page)

A copy of every stamp issued by Canada Post.

(A picture of a Canada Post stamp)

One of the top 12 most visited federal government websites.

(A screenshot of the Library and Archives Canada website)

550,000 hours of audio and video recordings.

(Employees are shown transferring film reels through various equipment)

5 billion megabytes of digital content.

Genealogy is the website's most researched topic.

Exhibitions to showcase our collection.

Join us.

(Screen shows the web address and social networking pages of Library and Archives Canada website, Twitter, RSS feed, podcasts, Facebook, Discovery Blog, Flickr, YouTube)

(Government of Canada corporate identifier)