Donate published materials

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What we accept

  • monograph publications (books, etc.)
  • journals and magazines
  • sound and video recordings
  • music or musical scores
  • digital recordings
  • microfiche or microfilm
  • theses
  • tactile documents, for example, Braille and 3D maps
  • annual reports
  • published atlases, maps and plans

Material must be published in Canada, regardless of subject, language or format; or published outside of Canada provided the authors, editors, translators, illustrators, interpreters or subject is Canadian or has national relevance.

What we don't accept

  • material in poor condition
  • material not relevant to other material in the collection
  • material with restrictions on access or use
  • material already in the collection

How to donate material

Make a list of the items with as much detail as possible, such as

  • titles
  • authors or creators
  • place of publication or creation
  • publication dates or age
  • physical condition
  • number of items

Then write to or leave a voice message at  819-934-5793 for information about donating published material.

Please contact us before mailing any material.

What happens to donated material

All proposed donated material must go through an approval process. If your material is not accepted for our collection, it will not be returned to you.

Accepted material will be carefully stored and documented in our library catalogue, Aurora.