Vision 2030

After two years of consultation, reflection and work, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) unveiled, in June 2022, the strategic plan that will chart its course for the rest of the decade. It is no surprise that users and access to the collections are top priorities.

With clear priorities and ambitious goals, Vision 2030 defines our destination, what we want to accomplish by 2030, and how we can achieve it. It does not change our mandate, but provides the direction that will enable us to better acquire, process, preserve and make accessible Canada’s documentary heritage.

Our vision is based on the following statement: Discover. Understand. Connect. While the collections remain central to our identity, the ability of users to discover, understand and connect with the collections will guide the services we provide.

With Vision 2030, we want to:

  • facilitate access to diverse and inclusive collections
  • raise awareness of these collections among as many people as possible so that everyone can discover and understand them
  • bring people together around the stories behind Canadian experiences, cultures, communities and history

This plan is a synthesis of ideas and suggestions from over 1,500 people who are committed to LAC’s mission, be it our staff, our users or our partners.

See LAC’s Vision 2030 Strategic Plan in HTML

LAC’s Vision 2030 Strategic Plan is also available in PDF (3.42 MB)