Day Schools Project

The Day Schools Project is an initiative by Library and Archives Canada (LAC) to digitize, describe and increase discoverability of up to 6 million pages of archival materials related to the Federal Indian Day School system and its legacy. The project supports the Government of Canada’s ongoing work towards truth and reconciliation.

The content of the project comes from government records at LAC. This includes textual material, photographs, maps and plans related to the Federal Indian Day School system in Canada. This affected First Nations, Métis Nation and Inuit children.

Due to the nature of the records, individuals’ personal information will remain protected under the Access to Information and Privacy Acts.

Project phases

LAC received funding to digitize and describe millions of pages relating to the Federal Indian Day School system within a 3-year timeframe (April 2022 to March 2025).

Enhanced internal engagement within LAC and external consultations with Indigenous leaders, communities, scholars and others are integral to this project’s success.

This work is progressing in phases:

  1. Identify relevant records
  2. Digitize identified documents
  3. Provide culturally competent descriptions for the records to increase their discoverability

More information on this project will be added as it is available.

Contact information

For more information about the Day Schools Project, please contact our team at