Our partners

We consult with various groups across the country to help us develop and improve our programs and services. We also work with partners to preserve, promote and share Canadian heritage.


Services Consultation Committee

User groups and professionals give us advice and feedback on our priorities and services

Youth Advisory Council

Students and young professionals give us their views and provide new ideas

Indigenous Advisory Circle

Members from national, regional and community organizations help guide Indigenous Documentary Heritage Initiatives

Library and Archives Canada Foundation

A non-profit organization that raises funds and builds partnerships to share Canada's history

Official Language Minority Communities

An internal committee and networks. Helping people whose official language is not the majority language in their community

Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs)

Members of GLAMs work together to preserve and promote Canadian heritage

Stakeholders' forum

The members of the Stakeholders' forum represent the diverse expertise and perspectives of Canada's documentary heritage associations and other organizations

Friends of Library and Archives Canada

We help Library and Archives Canada to celebrate the past, honour the present and ensure the future of Canada's remarkable documentary heritage

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