Organizational chart


Library and Archives Canada reports to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, The Honourable Pascale St-Onge.

Deputy Minister

Leslie Weir, Librarian and Archivist of Canada

Organizational chart

Office of the Librarian and Archivist of Canada

  • Chief of Staff – Neale MacDonald (acting)
  • Director, International Affairs and Stakeholder Relations – Loïc Dumas (acting)

Collections Sector

  • Assistant Deputy Minister – Christine Ivory
    • Director General, Government Record – Emily Gusba
      • Director, Government Archives – Sarah Cook (acting)
      • Director, Government Record Initiatives – Julie Bibaud
      • Director, Archival Information Revitalization Iniative – Rebecca Giesbrecht
    • Director General, Preservation and Digitization, Roxane Lafrenière
      • Director, Collections Management – Jean-Michel Smith
      • Director, Digitization Services – Sophie Dazé
    • Director General, Private Archives and Published Heritage – Sandy Ramos (acting)
      • Director, Acquisitions – Karin MacLeod
      • Director, Description – Lisa Haughton (acting)
      • Director, Private Archives Social Life and Culture – Kathryn Lagrandeur
      • Director, Private Archives Science, Governance and Politics – Louise Beauregard (acting)
    • Director General, Access to Information and Privacy – Kristina Lillico
      • Director, Privacy, Personnel Records and Indigenous Requests – Boris Stipernitz (assignment)
      • Director, Access to Information, Security and Intelligence Requests – Véronique Gendron
      • Director, Operational Support – Amy Tector

User Experience and Engagement Sector

  • Assistant Deputy Minister – Jasmine Bouchard
      • Director, User Experience and Services Strategy – Lisa Goodyer-Tremblay (assignment)
    • Director General, Access and Services – Karen Linauskas
      • Director, Client Services – Meghan Laidlaw (acting)
      • Director, Online Experience – Tina Grznar
      • Director, Research Support and Regional Services – Andrew Ross
    • Director General, Communications and Policy – Julie-Anne Lemire
      • Director, Communications – Zeina Harb
      •  Director, Strategic Policy – Marie-Mai Tourangeau
      • Director, Center of Excellence, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – Manuel Rego
    • Director General, Outreach and Engagement – Maryse Laflamme
      • Director, Programs – Gary Goodacre
      • Director, Partnerships and Community Engagement – Melanie Brown
      • Director, Indigenous Initiatives – Jessica Squires (acting)

Corporate Services Sector

  • Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Financial Officer – Nancy Taillon
    • Director, Accountability, Governance and Corporate Affairs - Shélie Laforest
    • Director General, Real Property – Jean Deschamps
      • Director, Special Projects – Mario Gasperetti
      • Director, Special Projects – Nathalie Éthier
    • Director General, Financial Services, Procurement and Deputy Chief Financial Officer – Julie Charbonneau
      • Strategic Advisor – Mireille Miniggio
    • Director General, Human Resources and Security Branch – Jonathan Salois
    • Director, Special Projects, Workplace Management - Marc Leduc (acting)

Digital Services Sector

  • Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer, and Senior Director General, Digital Services – Wanito Bernadin
    • Director, Solutions, IT Solutions – Simon Pageot
    • Director, Operations, Infrastructure and IT Security – Patrick Lajoie (acting)
    • Director, Digital Collections Operations – Kyle Browness (acting)
    • Deputy Chief Information Officer and Deputy Chief Data Officer, Innovation and Data Management – Sylvain J. Richard