Indexes of Western First Nations Bands: languages, agencies, inspectorates, and regional offices

This index is a list of the standardized names of First Nations Bands in Western Canada used in Collection Search, as well as other existing spellings or names. This index can be used to identify the most useful search terms in order to locate the records for a specific band that you are looking for.

This page also includes a list of the local field offices from the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND) (now Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada/Indigenous Services Canada) that administered Bands.

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Index of Bands and languages

Database or standardized name Other spellings Language
Okemasis Okimasis; Duck Lake Cree
Aishihik Aishimik Big River; Big Lake, Kutchin
Aklavik n/a Loucheux
Alexander Cathisthawayskum; Kahchetahwayscum; Kahchetahwaysewins; Kahchetahwayskums; Kahchetahwayskun; Reserve no. 134; Riviere qui Barre Cree
Alexis Alexis & Joseph, Keeskeecheechi, Reserve no. 133, Soosies, Dakota
Amos Charles Stanley Cree
Apischamoose Apisabemois; Jackfish Creek Cree
Arctic Red River Loucheux no. 6; Paul Loucheux
Atlin-Teslin n/a Tagish
Bad Boy Band Y (Blackfoot) Blackfoot
Bad Head Pokapiw Otoian, Bad Head Blood
Barren Lands Barrier Land; Petit Casimir Chipewyan
Beardy Kahmawiskahwasit; Kahmawistahmasits; Kahmawistahwassits; Kahmeeyestoowaegs; Kahmeeyistoowaysit Cree
Beardy & Okemasis n/a Cree
Beardy or Okemasis or One Arrow Duck Lake Indians Cree
Bearspaw Band A (Stony); Bear's Paw; Masgwa Ahsid; Morley Mountain; Morley Reserve; Morleyville; Musqua Asik; Stony A Dakota
Bearspaw & Chiniquay Reserve no. 142 Dakota
Beaver Lake Kahquanam; Kahquanum; Lac La Biche; Kaquanum; Keequanum; Reserve no. 131; Rolling Thompson Cree
Beaver, Horse Lake & Clear Hills Beaver & Gde Prairie (Horse Lake & Clear Hills); Clear Hills; Dunvegan; Dunvegan & Grande Prairie; Fort Dunvegan; Grande Prairie; Grande Prairie & Dunvegan; Horse Lake; Natooses; Natoosis Beaver
Berens River Jacob Berens; Nahweekeesickquahyash; Naweekeesickquahyash Ojibway
Big Bear Reserve no. 118 Cree
Big Head Reserve no. 100a Cree
Big Plume (Blackfoot) Band O (Blackfoot); Big Plume; Omaksi Sasop Blackfoot
Big Plume (Sarcee) Band E (Sarcee); Big Plume; Drums; Little Drums; Stokematis, Sarcee
Big Salmon Big Salmon River; Salmon River, Kutchin
Big Wolf Band F (Sarcee) Sarcee
Birch River n/a Swampy Cree
Birdtail Creek Bird Tail Creek; Reserve no. 057 Dakota
Black Elk n/a Blackfoot
Blackstone n/a Takudah
Bloodvein Blood Vein River; Bloodvein & Loon Straits; Bloodvein River; Sakachewayas Cree
Bobtail Bobtail, Kiskaquin, Tail Creek, Cree
Brokenhead Broken Head River; Broken Head River, Christian; Broken Head River, Heathen; Fort Garry; Nashakepenais, Ojibway
Buck Lake Rain Stony
Bull Horn Band V (Blood); Calftail Blood
Bull Shield Band Q (Blood) Blood
Burwash Landing n/a Kutchin
Calf Shirt Band P (Blood); Bullen Chief; Button Chief; Medicine Calf; Natose Onoistors Blood
Canoe Lake John Iron; Reserve no. 165c Cree
Carcross Carcross, Mission School, Caribou Crossing Tagish
Carmacks Carmacks & Little Salmon Kutchin
Carry the Kettle Carry Kettle, Jack; Jack Assiniboine; Man who Took the Coat; Reserve no. 076; Reserve no. 077; The Man who Took the Coat; The One that Fetched the Coat Dakota/Assiniboine
Casca Casca, McDames Creek Unknown
Chakachas Chacachas; Chakacha Saulteaux
Chakastapasin Big Head; Chakastapasis; Chakastapayin; Chakastapaysin; Chakastipasin; Chakistapaysins; Chekastapasin; Chekastapaysin; Chekastaypasin; Chekastaypaysin; Chikastaypasin; Reserve no. 098 Cree
Champagne Champagne Landing; Champagne Landing, Hootchi Kutchin
Chemawawin Chimawawin Cree
Chiniquay Band C (Stony); Cheneka; Chenneka; Chennekas; Chiniquy; Chinniquy; John; Morley Mountain; Morley Reserve; Morleyville; Stony C Dakota
Chipewyan (Fitz/Smith) Fitz/Smith, Fitzgerald, Fort Fitzgerald, Fort Smith, Pierre Squirrel, Smiths Landing, Chipewyan
Chipewyan (Fort Chipewyan) Fort Chipewyan; Alexander Laviolette Chipewyan
Churchill Duck River; Fort Churchill; John French; North River Chipewyan
Coffee Creek n/a Kutchin
Cold Lake Chippewayan; Fish Chipewyan; Fort Chipewyan; Kenoosayoo; Kinnoosayo; Kinnoosayoo; Kinnosayo; Kinnosayoo; Kinnosayoo; Frog Lake; Kinoosao; Kinoosaoo; Kinoosayoo; Kinosayo; Reserve no. 124; Reserve no. 149 Chipewyan/Cree
Coté Fort Pelly Indians; Gabriel Coté; Mee May, The Pigeon; Reserve no. 064; The Pigeon Ojibway
Cowessess Comees; Cow wecess; Cow weecess; Cow'ess; Coweses; Cowesis; Kaweyance, Little Boy; Kawezauce, Little Boy; Little Boy; Little Child; Reserve no. 073 Cree
Crane River n/a Ojibway
Cree Fort Chipewyan Cree
Cree Chipewyan (Fort McMurray) Adam Boucher; Cree-Chipewyan; Cree-Chipewyan (Fort McMurray); Cree-Chipewyan, Anzac; Cree-Chipewyan, Fort McKay & Fort McMurray; Cree-Chipewyan, McMurray; Fort McMurray, Fort McMurray Indians (Treaty 8); Seapotakinum Cree/Chipewyan
Cree, Stragglers n/a Cree
Cross Lake Daniel Meswakun; Donald William Sinclair; Tapastanum Cree
Crowfoot Chapo Mexico Cree
Cumberland John Cochrane; Peter Chapman; Reserve no. 100a Cree
Cumberland House Cumberland Cree
Dawson Moosehide; Moosehide Creek Kutchin
Day Star Kiisicawahchuck; Reserve no. 087 Cree
Deer Lake Deer's Lake East; Robert Fiddler Cree
Dog Rib Rae Fort Rae; Morphy; Rae Dogrib
Driftpile Drift Pile River; Kinnosayo Cree
Duncan Brownvale; Duncan Testawit; Duncan Tustaoots; Old Wive's Lake; Peace River Crossing; Peace River Landing Cree
Eagle Head Band B (Blood) Blackfoot
Eagle Ribs Band G (Blood); Eagle; Eagle Rib Blackfoot
Eagle Robe Band B (Sarcee); Eagle Robe; Pitah Annes; The Drum, Sarcee
Eagle Shoe Band U (Blood); Pitah Otiskin Blackfoot
Ebb & Flow Broken Fingers; Ebb and Flow Lake; François Ojibway
English River William Apisis Chipewyan
Enoch Enoch la Potac; Enoch la Potac; Enoch Lepotac; Reserve no. 135; Stony Plain; Tommy la Potack; Tommy le Potack Cree
Ermineskin Tail Creek Indians; Ermine Skin; Erminskin; Erminskins; Pigeon Lake; Reserve no. 137 Cree
Fairford He who Flies to the Bottom; Masahkeeyash, He who Flies to the Bottom; Richard Woodhouse; Woodhouse, Ojibway
Fisher River David Rundle; Peter Murdo; Randall Ojibway/Cree
Fishing Lake Reserve no. 089 Ojibway
Fond du Lac n/a Chipewyan
Fort Alexander Bird Forver; Kakapenais, Bird Forever Ojibway
Fort Franklin n/a Hare
Fort Good Hope Good Hope; Hare no. 5; Hare Skins no. 5; Simeon Hare
Fort Grahame Nomads Finaly River; Fort Grahame; Grahame Nomads of McDames Creek Unknown
Fort Liard Fort Liard no. 8; Slave no. 8; Thomas E Kinla Slave
Fort McKay Cree-Chipewyan; Cree-Chipewyan (Fort McMurray); Cree-Chipewyan, Anzac; Cree-Chipewyan, Fort McKay & Fort McMurray; Cree-Chipewyan, McMurray; Fort McMurray; Fort McMurray Indians (Treaty 8); Gregoire Lake Reserve; McMurray & McKay; Reserve no. 175; Reserve no. 176; Chipewyan
Fort McPherson Fort McPherson; Jaby Lalo; Locheuz no. 7; McPherson Loucheaux
Fort Nelson n/a Slave
Fort Norman Fort Norman, Hare no. 4; Hare no. 4; Hare Skins no. 4; Norman; Norman & Yellowknife; Saul Blondin; Slave
Fort Providence Fort Providence, Slaves "E"; Paul Lafoin; Providence; Providence no. 1 Slaves; Slave "E"; Slave no. 1; Slaves Providence; Slave
Fort Resolution Resolution Chipewyan
Fort Selkirk Lower Pelly; Selkirk; Tatlaman Lake; Tatlumon; Tatlumon Lake or Lower Pelly; Upper Pelly; Wood Camps; Wood or Stick; Kutchin
Fort Simpson Antoine; Fort Simpson Slaves no. 2; Simpson; Slave no. 2; Slaveic Indians; Slave
Fort St John Beavers Beavers of Fort St John; Blueberry River; Doig River; Fort St John, Doig River; St Johns; Upper Peace, Fort St John; Beaver
Fort Vermilion (Tallcree) Beaver Ranch; Cree Fort Vermilion; Cree Vermilion; Koniskwiskeekapoohoo, Tall Cree; Kuiskuiskowcapoohoo; Reserve no. 163; Tall Cree; Vermilion; Cree
Fort Wrigley Fort Wrigley, Slaves no. 3; Slave no. 3; Wrigley; Yendo; Slave
Forty Mile Creek Forty Mile Takudah
Fox Lake Gillam Cree
Francis Lake n/a Unknown
Frog Lake Reserve no. 121; Reserve no. 122 Cree
Gamblers Calling Lake; Gambler; Lizard Point; Reserve no. 063; Silver Creek; Ojibway
God's Lake Peter Watt Cree
Going to the Bear Band F (Blood); Go to the Bear; Going to Bear; Kaye Tapo, Going to Bear; Blackfoot
Gordon George Gordon; Reserve no.086 Ojibway/Cree
Grand Rapids Big Grand Rapids; Peter Beardy Cree
Grizzly Bear's Head Bear's Head; Grizzly Bear; Reserve no. 110 Assiniboine
Grouard Grouard, Driftpile; Kinnosayo, Grouard Cree
Hay Lake & Upper Hay River Hay River; Fort Resolution; Fort Vermilion; Francois Tchatees; Resolution; Upper Hay River; Upper Hay River & Hay Lakes; Vermilion; Slave
Hay River Hay River; Slave "D" Slave
Heart Lake Antoine; Chipewyan no. 167; Chipewyan, Lac la Biche; Heart Lake Indians; Reserve no. 130; Reserve no. 167 Chipewyan
Heavy Shield Band R (Blood) Blackfoot
Hind Bull Band J (Blood); Takoye Stamix, Fiend Bull Blackfoot
Hind Bull (Blackfoot) Band A (Blackfoot) Blackfoot
Hind Bull (Blood) Fiend Bull Blackfoot
Hollow Water Big Island; Hardisty; Hole River; Hollow Water River; Katukepinais, Hardisty; Ojibway
Hudson's Hope Halfway Reserve; Halfway River Reserve; Hudson's Hope, Halfway; Hudson's Hope, Halfway River; Hudson's Hope, Moberly Lake; Hudson's Hope, West Moberly Lake; Moberly Lake; Reserve no. 168; Reserve no. 168a; West End Moberly Lake; West Moberly Lake; Beaver
Iron Head n/a Stony
Iron Shield n/a Blackfoot
Island Bands Dog Head Cree/Ojibway
Island Lake George Nott; Little Island Lake; Ministikwan Cree
Island Lake (Saskatchewan) n/a Cree
Island Lake(Manitoba) n/a Cree/Ojibway
Jackhead Island Lake; Jack Head; Jackfish Head; Jackhead River; James Sinclair; Sangwawakapow, James Sinclair; Thickfoot; Ojibway
James Roberts Kenomotripe; Reserve no. 106 Cree
James Seenum Reserve no. 128; Seenum; Whitefish Lakes Cree
James Smith Fort à la Corne; La Corne; Reserve no. 100 Cree
Janvier Fort McMurray Stragglers; Fort McMurray Stragglers (Treaty 8); Janvier's Stragglers; Stragglers; Stragglers, Athabaska Landing; Stragglers, Fort McMurray; Stragglers, McMurray; Stragglers, Waterways;
John O'Chiese O'Chiese Cree
John Smith Muskoday; Reserve no. 099 Cree
Joseph Bighead Lac des Iles Cree
Kahkewistahaw Flying Round; Foremost Man; Front Man; Goes Before; He Starts in Advance; Kahkeewistahaw; Kahkuwastahaw; Kahwistahaw; Kakeewistahaw; Kakewistahaw; Kakewistahow; Kakiiwistahaw; Kakuwistahaw; Kawistahaw; Maple Creek Reserve; Necanete; Nekahnew; Nekaynea; Reserve no. 072; Reserve no. 072a; Cree
Keeheewin Keeheewins; Keehewins; Keeyewin;Kehewin; Kehiwin; Kihiwin; Reserve no. 123; The Eagle; Cree
Keenoshayo Keenostayo; Kennesayo; Kennoshayo; Kinnosayo; Kinosayo; Lesser Slave Lake; Cree
Keeseekoose Baptiste Mowais; Keeseekon; Keeseekonse; Keeseekoose; Keeseekouse; Keeshekonse; Keeshikonse; Keesickouse; Kiishekonse; Kiishiikonse; Kiishikonse; Kiishikouse; Kishiikonse; Kishikonse; Kisickouse; Reserve no. 066; Ojibway
Keeseekoowenin Clearwater Lake; Keeseekooweenin; Keeseekosswewin; Keesickooweenin; Keesickoowenin; Reserve no. 061; Ojibway
Key Ahtahpeekaeekay; Ootahpeekaekey; Outahpeekaeekay; Owtahpeekakaw; Reserve no. 065; The Key; Ojibway
Kinematoyo Big River; Keemeemostayo; Keeneemootayo; Kenamotargee; Kenematoyo; Kenemolayoo; Kenemosayoo; Kenemotagee; Kenemotay; Kenemotayee; Kenemotayo; Kenemotayoo; Kennemotayo; Kinematayo; Pelican Lake Indians; Reserve no. 118; Sasewahum; Saysewahim; Saysewahum; Saysowakim, Pelican Lake; Stony Lake; Whitefish Lake, Saskatchewan; Creee
Kinistino Reserve no. 091 Ojibway
La Pierre's House n/a Unknown
Lac la Biche Stragglers; Lac la Biche & Stragglers; Payasis; Peaysides; Peaysis; Peeaysees; Peeaysis; Peegasis; Peenaysis; Peewaysis; Peeyasiis, Lac la Biche; Peeyaysees; Peyaysees; Reserve no. 129; Payasis; Payaysee; Peeyaysee Métis
Lac la Hache Hatchet Lake; Thomas Benaouni; Chipewyan
Lac la Ronge Bittern Lake; Lac la Rouge; Lac le Ronge; Reserve no. 218; Cree
Lake Manitoba Sousonce Ojibway
Lake St. Martin Mahsahkeeya Ojibway
Lancing Creek Duncan or Lansing Creek; Lansing Creek Slave
Lean Man Reserve no. 111; Tibia Cree
Left Hand Aye Stipis Simat, Heavily Whipped; Band H (Blood); Heavily Whipped; Old Moon; The Moon; Blackfoot
Liard River Liard & Francis Lake; Liard of McDames Creek Nahani
Little Black Bear Kuskeetewmuscoomusqua; Reserve no. 084; Black River; James Bird; Cree
Little Black River n/a Ojibway
Little Ears Band K (Blood); Bull Back Fat; Little Ears & Bull Back Fat; Stamix Osok, Bull Back Fat; Blackfoot
Little Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Ojibway
Little Montagne E Au Hah; Little Mountain Assiniboine
Little Pine Mi Ahequosis, Little Pine; Min Ahequosis; Reserve no. 116; Cree
Little Red River Fox Lake Reserve; John D'Or Prairie; Kuiskuiskowcapohoo; Red River; Reserve no. 162; Cree
Little Salmon n/a Unknown
Little Saskatchewan n/a Ojibway
Livingstone Creek n/a Tlingit
Lone Chief Band M (Blackfoot); Only Chief Blackfoot
Long Lodge Tepee Hoska Ojibway
Long Plain Keskeemaquah, Short Bear; Portage la Prairie; Short Bear; Ojibway
Long Plain (Ojibway) n/a Ojibway
Long Plain Sioux n/a Dakota
Loon Lake Makwa Lake Cree
Loon Straits n/a Swampy Cree
Loonskin Loon Skin Cap; Mookoomickkatawapat; Mookoomickkatumahpak; Mookoonickkatamakat; Unknown
Louis Bull Muddy Bull; Noah Muddy Bull; Pigeon Lake; Reserve no. 140; Cree
Low Horn Band K (Blackfoot); Ekas Kine, Low Horn; Low Horse; Sow Horn; Blackfoot
Lubicon Lake n/a Cree
Lucky Man Papaway, Lucky Man; Reserve no. 116 Cree
Many Horses Akak Otos, Many Horses; Akaotas; Band C (Sarcee); Sarcee
Many Shots At Band R (Blackfoot); Many Shots; Mule Lodge; Mule Painted Lodge; Blackfoot
Many Spotted Horses Akka Kitcipimiw, Many Spotted Horses Blackfoot
Many White Horses Band N (Blood); Eagle Ribs; Pitah Pekis, Eagle Rib; Blackfoot
Maple Creek Nekaneet Cree
Mathias Colomb Mathias Colombe; Pukitawagan Cree
Maurice Fond du Lac; Chipewyan, Fond du Lac; Maurice, Fond du Lac; Maurice Piché; Chipewyan
Mayo McQuesten; McQueston Kutchin
Meadow Lake Green Lake; Green Lake Indians; Kapahawakenum; Kapahawekeum; Kapahwasenum; Keapahawakenum; Kopahawakemum; Kopahawakenum; Kopahawakenum, Green Lake; Kopahawekemum; Kopahawekenum; Kopwayawakenum; Oopwyawahkenum; Reserve no. 105; Cree
Medicine Shield Band H (Blackfoot) Blackfoot
Michel Michel Caillehoo; Michel Caillehouis; Michel Caillehow; Michel Calahoo; Michel Calistrois; Michel Callihoo; Reserve no. 132; Stony
Mistawasis Mistahmahsis; Mistowasis; Reserve no. 103; Cree
Montana Little Bear; Reserve no. 139 Cree
Montreal Lake Kenomotripe; Reserve no. 106; Reserve no. 106a; William Charles; Cree
Moose Jaw Sioux Head; Wood Mountain Dakota
Moose Lake Ottin Kiman; Tinikimaw Cree
Moose Woods Reserve no. 094; White Cap Sioux
Moosomin Massomius; reserve no. 112; Yellow Sky Cree
Mosquito Misketo; Musquito; Reserve no. 109; Sahkemayo; Stony, Mosquito; Sukeman; Assiniboine
Mosquito-Grizzly Bear's Head n/a Assiniboine
Muscowequan Hard Quill; Kakeenawup, One that Sits like an Eagle; Misscowaquan; Muscowequahn; Muscowequin; Muscowequn; Muscowkequan; One that Sits Like an Eagle; Reserve no. 085; Ojibway
Muscowpetung Chakuk; Cheecucks; Cheecuks; Muscow Wepeetun; Muskowpetung; Reserve no. 080; Ojibway/Cree
Muskeg Lake Keetoowahaw; Keetoowayhow; Petaquakey; Petequacay; Petequakay; Petequaquay; Pettequakey; Pettiquacky; Reserve no. 102; Cree
Nahani n/a Nahani
Nelson House n/a Cree
Nelson River Nelson Nomads; Nelson Nomads, Liard; Nelson River Nomads; Nelson River Nomads of McDames Creek; Unknown
Nipahase Napakas; Nepahase; Nipahays Cree
North & South Blackfoot Reserve Reserve no. 146
North Blackfoot Reserve Bands E, I, K, M, N, O, R
Northern Saulteaux n/a Saulteaux
Norway House n/a Cree
Nut Lake Oozawaskooquinape; Oozawekwun, Yellow Quill; Reserve no. 090; Yellow Quill; Yellow Quills; Ojibway
Oak Lake Haweda; Pipestone Reserve Dakota
Oak Lake Sioux Reserve no. 059 Dakota
Oak River Wahbudiska Dakota
Oak River Sioux Reserve no. 058 Dakota
Ochapowace Kahkeesheway; Kakeeshaway; Kakeesheway; Kakesheways; Kakiisheway; Kakiishiiways; Kakiishiway, Loud Voice; Kakisheheway; Kakishiway; Loud Voice; Ouchapowace; Reserve no. 071; Round Lake; Cree
Okanese Okanees; O'Kanees; O'Kaneese; O'Kanes; O'Kanese; O'Kanise; Okeeneese; O'Kinishe; Reserve no. 082; Cree/Ojibway
Okemasis Okeemasees; Okemas's; Okenasis; Reserve no. 096; Saswapaw; Saswapew; Saswapey; Saswaypew; Saswaypoo; Saswaysew; Sawapee; Sayswaypeo; Seekwahnis; Cree
Old Crow n/a Loucheux
Old Sun Band E (Blackfoot); Matose Apiw, Old Sun; Old Sun & Heavy Shield; Blackfoot
One Arrow Capayaquakoonums; Kahpay Yakwahskoomum; Kahpayatwaiskamum; Kapayahwaiskanum; Kapayahwawkanum; Kapayaquaskoonum; Kapwaywakenum; Reserve no. 095; Cree
One Spot Band G (Blood); Netah Kitei Pi Mew, Only Spot; Only Spot; Blackfoot
Onion Lake n/a Cree
Ooneepowhayo Frog Lake; Nepowhayhous; Onipohayo; Ooneepoweekayo; Ooneepowhayo, Frog Lake; Oonepoweekayo; Reserve no. 122; Tusktakeeskwaise; Tustakeeshkway, Frog Lake; Tustakeeskwaise; Tustukeeskwahs; Tustuskeeskwais; Unipoheos; Cree
Orphans of St Albert Orphans; St Albert Mission; St Albert Orphans; Unknown
O'Soup O'Soup of Cow wecess Saulteaux
Ouchaness Auchaness; Little Bones; Reserve no. 073a Saulteaux
Oxford House Jeremiah Chubb Cree
Painted Otter Band D (Sarcee); Stokimatis, The Drum Sarcee
Pas Mountain Shoal Lake & Red Earth Ojibway
Pasqua Pasquah; Pasquatis; Pesquah; Pisqua; Pisquah; Reserve no. 079 Ojibway/Cree
Passpasschase Chipewyan no. 136; Pahspahschase; Passpasschasis; Passpasstayo; Reserve no. 136; Ojibway
Paul Ironhead; Reserve no. 133a; Wabamum; White Whale Lake; Dakota/Stony
Paymootayahsoo Paymeetayahsoo; Paymootayahsoo; Paymotayahsoo; Cree
Peel River n/a Unknown
Peepeekisis Canah Hachapeu, Ready Bow; Canahachapew; Canahachapow; Cannachappo; Kamihawachapaw; Papakeesis; Papeekeesis; Peepeekeesis; Peepeekesis; Pepekesis; Ready Bow; Ready Bow Man; Reserve no. 081; Ojibway
Peguis Peguis (Provincial White); Pequis; Cree; Ojibway
Peigan Piegan; Reserve no. 147 Blackfoot
Peigan A Band A (Peigan); Crow Shoe; Eagle Tail; Eagle Tail Feathers; North Axe; Sitting on an Eagle Tail; Zoatze Tapitapiw, Eagle Tail; Blackfoot
Peigan B Apenako Sapop, Morning Plume; Band B (Peigan); Morning Plume; Travelling; Blackfoot
Peigan C Akka Makkoye, Many Swans; Band C (Peigan); Big Swan; Blackfoot
Peigan D Band D (Peigan); Running Wolf (Peigan) Blackfoot
Peigan E Band E (Peigan); Crow Eagle; Maste Pitah, Crow Eagle; Blackfoot
Pelican Lake Chitek Lake Cree
Pelican Lake or Big Bear Reserve no. 118 Cree
Peter Ballantyne Pelican Narrows; Peter Ballenden; Peter Ballendine; Cree
Peter Pond Lake Clear Lake; Raphael Redchildge (sic) Chipewyan
Pheasant Rump Croup de Pheasant; La Croup de Pheasant; Le Croup de Pheasant; Le Croupe de Pheasant; Reserve no. 068; Assiniboine
Piapot Payepot; Peapot; Peaypot; Piaypots; Pieapot; Piepot; Reserve no. 075; Cree
Pikangikum Pikangekum; Pekangecum; Pekangekum; Pikangekum; Ojibway
Pine Creek Duck Bay; Kusukoswims; Riding Mountain; Riding Mountain House; Ojibway
Poor Man Cawacatoos; Cawacatoose; Kahwahkahtoose; Kahwahkaloos; Kahwahkatoose; Kanacatoose, Poor Man; Kawacatoose, Poor Man; Kawakatoo; Kawakatoose; Poorman; Reserve no. 088; Tahwekesiquape; The Poor Man; Wichawostaka, Poor Man; Cree
Poorman n/a Assiniboine
Poplar River Peewahnoowenan; Peewahrooweenin Cree/Ojibway
Portage la Loche Fort McMurray Indians (Treaty 8); Fort McMurray Stragglers; Fort McMurray Stragglers (Treaty 8); Stragglers; Stragglers, Fort McMurray; Chipewyan
Poundmaker Pound Maker; Reserve no. 114 Cree
Puskeahkeewenin Ohpusheeyahkayweeyins; Oopuskeeyahkayweeyin; Puska Ahgowins; Puskeahkeewin; Puskee Eekeeweeins; Puskeeahkayweeins; Puskeeahkeeweein; Puskeeahkeewenin; Puskeeahkeewin; Puskeekeeheewin; Puskeeyahkayweeyin; Puskiaikiwenin; Cree
Rabbit Carrier Attista Haes, Rabbit Carrier; Band J (Blackfoot) Blackfoot
Rampart House Rampart Post Takudah
Red Ear Great Seaman; Kicheekahmenin; Kichikahmenin; Kichikahmewins; Kichikamewin; Kickekamewin; Kickikahmenin; Kickikamewin; Kiskeekahmenum; Kitchikahmewin; Reserve no.069; Ocean Man; Striped Blanket; Red Ears Assiniboine
Red Earth n/a Cree
Red Pheasant Eagle Hills; Peeyaheekahmuhkoosit; Peeyahnkahmukoosits; Peeyahnkahnickkoosit; Peeyahwkahmikoosit; Peeyahwkahnukoosit; Peeyawkahmihkasit; Peeyawkahnuhkasit; Peeyawkaniikasit; Red Pheasant; Reserve no. 108; Cree
Rolling River Reserve no. 067; South Quill Ojibway
Roseau River Indian Gardens; Kewetayash; Nanawananan; Pembina; Roseau Rapids; Roseau River & Rapids; Rosseau; Rousseau; Wakowush; Ojibway
Ross River Pelly Lakes Nahani
Running Antelope Band O (Blood); Bull Turn Round; Bull Turning Around; Bull Turning Round; Day Chief; Day Light; Father of All Children; Father of Many Children; Kissoum, Day Light; Stamixo Takapiw, Bull Turn Round; Blackfoot
Running Away Buffalo Band Q (Blackfoot); Buck Running Rabbit Blackfoot
Running Crane Band B (Blood); Wolf Bull; Blackfoot
Running Marten Band N (Blackfoot); Buck Elk; Bull Elk; Ponokah Stamix, Bull Elk; Blackfoot
Running Rabbit Band D (Blackfoot); Onistah Pokah, White Calf; Running Rabbit & Calf Robe; Blackfoot
Running Wolf Attistah Macan, Running Rabbit; Band I (Blood); Blackfoot
Saddle Lake Goodfish Lake; Hollow Bank Creek Reserve; Kake; Little Chief; Little Hunter; Oonahtahmeenah Hoos, Little Hunter; Pacan; Pakan; Pecan; Reserve no. 125; The Little Hunter; Thomas Hunter; Cree
Sakimay Little Bones; Goose Lake; Leech Lake; Reserve no. 074; Sahkeemay; Sakamas; Sakamay; Sakemas; Sakemay; Sakemo; Shesheep; Sheshep; Yellow Calf; Cree
Sampson Pigeon Lake Cree
Samson Reserve no. 138 Cree
Samson, Ermineskin or Louis Bull Stragglers, with Maymaynowahtow; Stragglers, with Tommy la Potack; Cree
Sandy Bay Nahwahchewaykahpow; White Mud Ojibway
Sandy Lake Ahtahkahcoops; Ahtahkahkoops; Ahtahkakoops; Ahtakacoops; Ahtuckacoop; Ahtukukkoop; Atahkakoop; Atakakoop; Attackacoops; Attackakoop; Attahkahkoop; Attakakoop; Reserve no. 104; Cree
Sarcee Band A (Sarcee); Bull Head; Bull's Head; Reserve no. 145; Stamiscotocar, Bull Head; Stawinotokaw; Sarcee
Saulteaux Moberly Lake
Saulteaux (British Columbia) East End Moberly Lake; Moberley Lake Saulteaux; Rocky Mountain House; Saulteaux, East Moberly Lake; Saulteaux
Saulteaux (Saskatchewan) n/a Ojibway
Sawridge n/a Cree
Seekaskootch Seekahskootch, Seekaskootch; Cut Arms; Cut Arm Cree
Seekaskootch or Sweetgrass Reserve no. 119 Cree
Shamattawa n/a Cree
Sharphead Chapoostiquhan; Cheepoosteekwahn; Cheepoosteequahn; Cheepoostequahn; Cheepoostequan; Cheepoostikwahn; Chepasstequahu; Chepoosteequahan; Chepoostekwahn; Chepoostequahn; Reserve no. 141; Stony
Sheshep Reserve no. 074a
Shoal Lake n/a Cree
Shoal Lake 39 Reserve no. 039 Ojibway
Shoal Lake 39 or 40 Shahwinabinais; Shashagance Cree/Ojibway
Shoal Lake 40 Reserve no. 040 Ojibway
Shoal River Key at Shoal River Ojibway
Shot Both Sides Band A (Blood); Crop Ear Wolf; Crop Eared Wolf; Mekasto, Red Crow; Red Crow; Weasel Bull; Blackfoot
Siccani (Fort Nelson) Fort Nelson Slave
Siccani (Prophet River) Fort St John; Prophet River Slave
Sitting Eagle n/a Blackfoot
Snag n/a Unknown
South Blackfoot Reserve A, C, F, G, H, J, P, Q, T, Y Bands
Split Lake William Keche Kesik Cree
St Peters St Pierre; Henry Prince; Miskookenew, Henry Prince; Sandy Bar; Ojibway
Standing Buffalo Reserve no. 078a Dakota
Star Blanket Achacoosacootacoopits, Ah hacoosseecootacoopit, Ahcacoosacootacoopits, Ahchacoosacootacoopits, Ahchacoosacootapit, Athacoosacootacoopits, He Has the Stars for a Blanket, Puascoos, Reserve no. 083, That Has the Stars for a Blanket, The One who Has a Star for his Blanket, Wapiimoosetosus, White Calf or Puascoos, Cree
Stewart River White River Unknown
Stolen Person Band T (Blood); Captive Person; Matapi Komotziw, Captive Person Blackfoot
Stony Stoney
Stony Rapids n/a Chipewyan
Stragglers Stragglers, with Poundmaker and Shot Him in the Back Cree
Stragglers, Bear's Hill Stragglers, from the South (Bear's Hills) Unknown
Stragglers, Beaver Hill Beaver Hill; Beaver Hill Lake Indians; Beaver Hill Stragglers; Saulteaux
Stragglers, Treaty 4 n/a Unknown
Stragglers, Treaty 6 n/a Unknown
Stragglers, with Little Poplar n/a Unknown
Strangling Wolf Band L (Blood); Strangle Wolf Blackfoot
Striped Dog Band M (Blood); Emitah Apiskinne, White Striped Dog; White Striped Dog; Blackfoot
Sturgeon Lake Captain Cree
Sturgeon Lake (Alberta) n/a Cree
Sturgeon Lake (Saskatchewan) Ahwahtaskumikinwin; Ahyahtuskumikinam, William Twatt; Ahyahtuskumikinwin; Ahyahtuskumkinwin; Ahyahtwokumakinum; Cree
Sturgeon Lake (William Twatt) Reserve no. 101; William Twatt Cree
Sucker Creek Moostoos Cree
Sunchild n/a Cree
Swan Lake n/a Ojibway
Swan River n/a Cree
Sweet Grass He Was Struck on the Back; Reserve no. 113; Shot Him in the Back; The Man that Strikes in the Back; Weekaskookeesayyin, Sweet Grass;
Sweet Grass (extant) Strike Him on the Back Cree
Sweet Grass (extinct) Young Sweet Grass Cree
Tagish n/a
Tahltan Tahltan of Telegraph Creek; Telegraph Creek Tahltan
Teslin Lake Nisutlin; Tealin Lake; Teslin Post; Tagish
The Pas Big Eddy; John Constant; Oopaskwayow; Cree
Three Bulls Meanx Kistomach Blackfoot
Thunder Companion Peeyaseewahkahwechahkoot; Peeyaseewahkahweechakoot; Peeyee Eewahahweechaykoot; Peeyeseewahkahweechaykoots; Peeyeseewaykahweechaykoots; Peeyeseewaykahweechayhoot; Cree
Thunderchild Reserve no. 115; Peeyaysee Awasis Cree
Trout Lake n/a Cree
Turtle Mountain Kadominie; Padamonee; Reserve no. 060 Sioux
Twelve Mile n/a Unknown
Two Cuts n/a Blackfoot
Valley River Eagle; Giroux; Mekis, The Eagle; Reserve no. 062a; Reserve no. 063a; Turtle River; Ojibway
Wabasca Bigstone; Lake Wabascaw; Wabasca, Bigstone; Wabascaw; Wabiscaw; Wabiskaw; Wahspaton; Cree
Wahpaton Round Plain, Wahpeton Dakota
Wahsatenow Bear's Ears; Cree
Water Hen Katahkakwanayaas; Waterhen River Ojibway
Waterhen Lake n/a Cree
Watson Lake n/a Unknown
Wayway seecappo or Gamblers Fort Ellice Indians
Waywayseecappo Reserve no. 062; The Man Proud to be Standing; Wawasecapow; Waywasecapow; Waywaysacapo; Waywaysecapo; Waywaysecappo; Ojibway
Weasel Bull Apaw Stamix, Weasel Bull Blackfoot
Weasel Calf Apaw Onistaw, Weasel Calf; Band C (Blackfoot); Weazel Calf; Blackfoot
Weasel Fat Band E (Blood); Blackfoot Old Woman; Ermine Horses Blackfoot
Weemistikooseahwasis Mahkay, Mahkayo, Makaoos, Mikayo, Misticooseahwehsis, Reserve no. 120, Weemisticooseeahwasis, Weemisticooseewasis, Weemisticoosiah, Wemisticoosewasis, Cree
Wesley Band B (Stony); Jacob; Jacob Big Stone; Jacob Bigstony; Kichipwot; Morley Mountain; Morley Reserve; Morleyville; Reserve no. 143; Sharphead; Stony B; Dakota
White Bear Reserve no. 070; Assiniboine/Ojibway/Cree
White Calf Band S (Blood); Eagle White Calf; Pitah Onistah; Blackfoot
White Calf Robe Band F (Blackfoot); Calf Robe; Onistah, Calf Robe; Blackfoot
White Eagle Band P (Blackfoot); Pitah Siksinum, White Eagle; Blackfoot
White Pup Band L (Blackfoot); Big Head; Little Axe; Sakoye Aotan, Heavy Shield; White Pup & Little Axe; White Pup & Little Axe & Big Head; Blackfoot
Whitefish Lake n/a Cree
Whitehorse Labarge; Laberge; Lac Laberge; Lake Labarge; Whitehorse Hootchi; Whitehorse Tagish; Nahani
Witchekan Lake Reserve no. 117; Witchekan Cree
Wolf Collar Makoye Kin, Wolf Collar Blackfoot
Yellow Horse Band I (Blackfoot); Bear Child; Bear Shield; Kayo Okosis, Bear Shield; Blackfoot
Yellowknife "A" Fort Resolution; Fort Resolution "A"; Great Slave Lake; Resolution; Resolution "A"; Yellowknife no. 1; Yellowknives, Fort Resolution; Chipewyan
Yellowknife "B" Dog Rib, Fort Resolution; Fort Resolution; Fort Resolution "B"; Great Slave Lake; Resolution; Resolution "B"; Yellowknife no. 2; Yellowknife River; Yellowknife
York Factory Charles Wastaleloot Cree
Young Chipewyan Chipeewayan; Chipewyan; Eepimikkahkeetoot; Eepinikkahketoot; Reserve no. 107; Chipewyan
Young Pine Apawawakosow, White Antelope; Band C (Blood); Many Dusts; Rainy Chief; Sotenah, Rainy Chief; White Antelope; Blackfoot

Index of Agencies and inspectorates and regional offices

Agency, inspectorate, regional office or standard name Other spellings or names Type
Aklavik n/a Agencies
Assiniboine Indian Head  Agencies
Athabaska Fort McMurray, Northern Agency (1910) Agencies
Athabaska & Mackenzie District Upper Mackenzie River District  Agencies
Babine & Upper Skeena n/a Agencies
Battleford Battleford District  Agencies
Birtle n/a Agencies
Blackfoot Blackfoot Crossing  Agencies
Blood Blood Reserve  Agencies
Carlton Carleton ; Carlton & Montreal Lake ; Carlton District ; Mistowasis ; Montreal Lake ; Prince Albert ; Prince Albert & Carlton District ; Treaty 6 Centre Agency ;  Agencies
Clandeboye Brokenhead & Fort Alexander  Agencies
Crooked Lake  n/a Agencies
Dauphin n/a Agencies
Duck Lake n/a Agencies
Edmonton Enoch  Agencies
File Hills n/a Agencies
File Hills-Qu'Appelle  Qu'Appelle File Hills  Agencies
Fisher River n/a Agencies
Fort Churchill Churchill; Churchill & York; Hudson Bay Agency Agencies
Fort Good Hope n/a Agencies
Fort MacLeod Fort Walsh; Treaty 7 Agency Agencies
Fort Norman n/a Agencies
Fort Providence n/a Agencies
Fort Rae n/a Agencies
Fort Simpson n/a Agencies
Fort Smith n/a Agencies
Fort St John n/a Agencies
Fort Vermilion n/a Agencies
Griswold Oak River Sioux Agency; Sioux Agency Agencies
Hobbema Peace Hills  Agencies
Island Lake n/a Agencies
Isle à la Crosse n/a Agencies
Lake Manitoba Manitoba House; Manitowapah; Treaty 2 Agency Agencies
Lesser Slave Lake n/a Agencies
Lesser Slave Lake District n/a Agencies
Meadow Lake n/a Agencies
Moose Mountain n/a Agencies
Moose Woods Sioux n/a Agencies
Muscowpetung  n/a Agencies
Nelson & Churchill District  Keewatin  Agencies
Nelson River n/a Agencies
Norway House Grand Rapids ; Mr. McKay's Agency ; Norway House, Northern Division ; Norway House, Southern Division ; Treaty 5 Agency ;  Agencies
Onion Lake Fort Pitt  Agencies
Peace River District n/a Agencies
Pelly Fort Pelly; Swan River Agencies
Portage la Prairie Emerson; Mr. Kent's Agency; Rosseau River Agencies
Qu'Appelle (1) Treaty 4 Agency; Fort Walsh; Indian Head Agencies
Qu'Appelle (2) n/a Agencies
Rocky Mountain Cree n/a Agencies
Saddle Lake Victoria  Agencies
Sarcee Calgary  Agencies
Shell Brook n/a Agencies
Sioux Lookout n/a Agencies
Stikine Cassiar  Agencies
Stony n/a Agencies
Stony-Sarcee Morley  Agencies
Stuart Lake n/a Agencies
Touchwood Touchwood Hills  Agencies
Treaty 8 Inspectorate  Treaty 8 Agency  Agencies
Treaty 10 Inspectorate n/a Agencies
Yellowknife Fort Resolution; Great Slave Lake Agencies
York Factory n/a Agencies
Yukon Northern Yukon; Southern Yukon; Yukon District; Yukon, Northern District; Yukon, Southern District Agencies
Alberta Inspectorate Calgary Inspectorate  Regional office/Inspectorate
Alberta Regional Office n/a Regional office/Inspectorate
British Columbia & Yukon Regional Office n/a Regional office/Inspectorate
Lake Manitoba Inspectorate n/a Regional office/Inspectorate
Lake Winnipeg Inspectorate North Lake Winnipeg Inspectorate; Lake Winnipeg & Rat Portage Inspectorate  Regional office/Inspectorate
Mackenzie District Regional Office District of Mackenzie Regional Office  Regional office/Inspectorate
Manitoba Inspectorate n/a Regional office/Inspectorate
Manitoba Regional Office n/a Regional office/Inspectorate
Manitoba Superintendency n/a Regional office/Inspectorate
North Saskatchewan Inspectorate Battleford Inspectorate  Regional office/Inspectorate
Northwest Territory Superintendency n/a Regional office/Inspectorate
Rat Portage Inspectorate Lake of the Woods Inspectorate; Lake Winnipeg & Kenora Inspectorate  Regional office/Inspectorate
Ontario Regional Office n/a Regional office/Inspectorate
South Saskatchewan Inspectorate Qu'Appelle Inspectorate  Regional office/Inspectorate


A collective name that refers to the members of a First Nation or group for whom lands have been set apart, and for whom money is held by the Crown. Many Bands today prefer to be called First Nations and have changed their names accordingly. For example, the Batchewana Band is now called the Batchewana First Nation.
Field offices
Indian agents were the Canadian government’s representatives on First Nations reserves from the 1830s to the 1960s. They enforced and administered the provisions of the Indian Act, and policies from the Department of Indian Affairs. They worked out of Field Offices.
Agencies Indian
Agents reported to Agencies.
Agencies were grouped under inspectorates. Inspectorates were organized regionally.

About the index

This index contains close to 1,500 names collected from various sources, but primarily from LAC Finding aid 10-12: Guide to Indian Bands and Agencies in Western Canada, 1871-1959 (available onsite)

This index lists the band names in

  • their First Nations language(s) (also listed)
  • or in translated form, usually in English.

In order to make searching in Collection Search easier, the names of bands have been standardized in the following ways:

  • Removing spaces between syllables
  • Removing the the use of the possessive form at the end of a name. For example, BEARDY'S becomes BEARDY, but BEAR'S EARS remains unchanged.

If two bands had the same name, an identifier was added in brackets. It is not part of the band’s name.