Citizenship registration records, Montreal Circuit Court, 1851 to 1945

​​T​his database contains information about immigrants who applied for citizenship in the city and district of Montréal from 1851 to 1945. The majority of the documents are from 1868 to 1916.

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Access the records

All of the files are digitized in the database. 

About the records

These 8,437 files were created by the Circuit Court office in Montréal about people who applied for citizenship. Some files are for people who were born in Canada or Great Britain and became American citizens. 

Before the Canadian Citizenship Act came into force on January 1, 1947, people born in Canada were British subjects. Immigrants born in Great Britain and the Commonwealth were already British subjects and did not need to apply for citizenship in Canada. 

The archival reference is RG6 F3, volumes 876 to 958. 

The files usually provide these details: 

  • name, age and place of birth
  • occupation
  • former and present place of residence
  • number of years residing in Canada

Most of the files include these documents: 

  • petition to be naturalized as a British subject
  • oath of residence and oath of allegiance
  • certificate confirming the oaths were taken

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